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Options for managing student loan debts

It's no secret that student loans in America are continuing to climb out of control. With over $1 trillion in collective student loan debts, there are thousands of Americans who are desperately searching for ways to manage their debts. This article lists many of the most common repayment options, but it may not tell indebted individuals what they want to hear. Unfortunately, when it comes to student loans, your only real option is to pay them.

Bankruptcy can start you on the road to financial recovery

The economy appears to be on the road to recovery, but not everyone can find the access ramp. There are still many Americans who are struggling under the trillion dollar collective student loan debt across our country and many who can only afford to live by charging multiple credit cards. Unfortunately, those credit card debts will only continue to grow if you do not pay them off, and for those who are too far in debt, there may seem like no viable option.

Texas company files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

A Texas company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy near the end of January, citing debts to hundreds of creditors and inability to pay several unsecured investors. The filing comes after a multitude of problems, ranging from massive debts to a $5 million lawsuit. It is expected that the company will be liquidated its $10 - $50 million in assets in order to repay secured creditors. The end of February will see a creditor meeting as the bankruptcy filing moves forward.

Bankruptcy could be the debt relief solution you need

Whether they’re saddled with exorbitant student loan debt or struggling to pay their bills in these tough economic times, many people are seeking some form of debt relief. Unfortunately, there are a number of people looking to prey on desperate or unsuspecting individuals who are just trying to get their feet under them financially. One such predator comes in the form of debt-settlement companies, which asks for indebted people to pay them so that they can offer the creditors a lump-sum that is lesser than the amount of debt owed.

Texas energy company likely to file for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is an option afforded to American citizens who are in need of debt relief. A number of different factors can lead to insurmountable debt, and many of them are events that people do not see coming or cannot prevent. Events such as sudden employment termination or a major medical procedure can exacerbate debts and cause them to grow rapidly, making debt relief through bankruptcy the best available option. Large amounts of accrued debt can happen to anyone, even multibillion-dollar companies.

How you can get rid of your student loan debt

Student loan debt is holding many people back from achieving their goals here in Waco - goals like buying a home, starting a family and taking vacations. Unfortunately, for many people in Texas, the skyrocketing costs of post-secondary education combined with the ease of taking out student loans and a tough job market have resulted in a perfect storm. 

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