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Chapter 7 bankruptcy can discharge your debts

Many people do not realize that there are several types of bankruptcy depending on the circumstances of the person filing. When most people think of bankruptcy, they imagine courts seizing all of their assets in order to escape their debts, leaving them without a home or a car and no money to their names. This type of bankruptcy is most similar to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, but it should be noted that your circumstances play a large part in how your bankruptcy filing plays out.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can give you a fresh financial start

Bankruptcy has a reputation for being tantamount to financial ruin, and while filing for bankruptcy may not be most people’s first choice, it’s preferable to struggling with debt for years and years. Some people may not know that they’re eligible for bankruptcy, but there are different types of bankruptcy for different situations and circumstances. If you have debt, there’s almost certainly an option for you. One of the most common types of bankruptcy is Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which can be used by small businesses or individuals who are struggling to pay off their debt.

Limited partnership files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Texas

Bankruptcy is much more complex than many people realize. Many people don’t realize there are different bankruptcy types. In all cases, bankruptcy is a form of debt relief afforded to individuals and corporations unable to cope with vast amounts of debt. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may decide to file for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is perhaps the most common type of bankruptcy, and thus often considered first.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be the debt relief you need

When you find yourself struggling with debt, your best option to get a fresh financial start may lie with bankruptcy. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the quickest and most common way to get debt relief through bankruptcy. It allows people who have come under more debt than they can handle to manage their finances by reducing some debts, eliminating others entirely or helping them find ways to pay the debt off. In some cases, it may require you to liquidate some of your assets to achieve this reduction to debt, but Texas laws exempt some personal assets.

Park Girl Sales LLC proceeds with Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Texas residents may be interested in the bankruptcy filings by the former operator of a mobile home business based in La Feria. Doing business as the Park Girl, the operator is facing civil suits and criminal charges alleging that she deceived customers and stole from them. The criminal charges involve between $100,000 and $200,000. The woman has placed cashier's checks totaling $100,000 with the court to settle claims.

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