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Bankruptcy conversion could mean returned wage garnishments

In most legal cases, the courts tend to rely on precedents established by previous cases with similar issues, but when a case comes along with unique, complex or extenuating circumstances, judges with higher authority are often required. Some of these cases make it all the way to the Supreme Court of the state or country, at which point a decision is made which establishes the precedents for other such cases in the future.

The benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Just because you earn a reliable, substantial income doesn't mean that you cannot benefit from bankruptcy. Many people feel that bankruptcy is only an option for people who are unemployed or who have amassed an outrageous amount of debt. Neither of these assumptions are true. The benefits of bankruptcy extend to those who have steady employment, and also to those who are suffering from debts that they are struggling to pay.

Can I file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

For many people, the decision to file for bankruptcy is a very difficult decision and one that is not taken lightly. However, even when the decision to file for bankruptcy is finally made, filers must then decide which type of bankruptcy filing is right for them. Most people think of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy when they hear the term bankruptcy, but depending on your circumstances, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be more appropriate for you.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may help those with steady income

Once you make the decision to file for bankruptcy, it may surprise you to learn that you have a few options. While many people file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, some may find Chapter 13 bankruptcy more beneficial. Chapter 13 bankruptcy, unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy where some debts are discharged completely, it is built around a repayment plan in which debts are ultimately paid off. Under some circumstances, it can provide greater protection of personal property than Chapter 7.

Bankruptcy can help counter family related financial problems

Texans are known for their love of, and loyalty to family. If you are fortunate, your young loved ones will grow up to be healthy, happy human beings who are able to fend for themselves as they advance into adulthood. Unfortunately, as some children grow, they have difficulty adapting to the real world and may act out or even engage in criminal activities. This difficult situation can be compounded all the more if the child has a substance abuse issue.

Wage earners can benefit from bankruptcy too

Bankruptcy can be a very scary concept, not only because it comes with a negative connotation of financial ruin, but also because there are so many different types of bankruptcy filings that people may not know where to start. Texans are a proud bunch, so the first thing that you should know is that bankruptcy does not mean financial ruin or failure. First and foremost, bankruptcy is a debt relief option that helps people manage debt that would otherwise be extremely difficult or impossible to pay off.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can give you a handle on debt

The United States economy appears to be on the road to recovery, but it will likely be a long road, particularly for individuals with outstanding debt. Any number of factors can cause overwhelming debt, from unexpected employment loss to unforeseen medical issues. Unfortunately, some people in Waco may not file for bankruptcy to help them relieve their debt because they do not realize that they qualify. What you might not know is that there are different types of bankruptcy filings possible for your specific circumstances.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy case reveals possible shady bank dealings

Bankruptcy can seem like a frightening prospect and fearful undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Bankruptcy is, over anything else, an option for people who are facing debt that they cannot repay. It is relief from crushing debt and incessant creditor harassment that allows people to move on with their lives. However, bankruptcy can be a complex procedure, and adequate legal counsel is highly recommended.

Reality TV star Chrisley files for bankruptcy

It’s no secret the economy has been struggling for a number of years. With each passing year, finances for some are becoming more and more strained. It happens sooner for some people than for others, but many of Americans are struggling to pay their bills. A large state like Texas has families in many financial ranges, and some could benefit from filing for bankruptcy if they are facing overwhelming debt.

Dealing with a home in Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Many families cherish their homes, which is why people often take steps to avoid foreclosure if they fall behind on mortgage payments. Texas residents in this situation might consider filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to protect the home from being repossessed by a mortgage lender.

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