As of August 2020, attorney Samantha Kehl is no longer with her previous firm. The Kehl Law Firm, P.C., is currently taking meetings by appointment only.

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Protecting Legacies Through Estate Planning

None of us knows what the future holds. However, it is possible to create a plan that protects your assets and your affairs, supports your loved ones and helps you face the future with greater confidence. Not only does estate planning protect the people and things that matter most, it can also offer the guidance your loved ones need in a difficult time.

The Kehl Law Firm, P.C., offers people throughout central Texas the guidance they need to create an estate plan that reflects their wishes, their families and their places in life. From new parents looking to provide for their children to people entering their golden years, with our help, they can create plans that protect their legacies no matter what the future holds.

Guiding You Through Your Estate Planning Options

At The Kehl Law Firm, P.C., we understand that you have unique wishes for your legacy and deserve to have an estate plan that reflects those wishes. We can guide you through the estate planning tools available to you, including:

  • Wills: A will acts as the foundation for many estate plans, providing a list of beneficiaries, outlining how property should be distributed and naming a guardian for underage children.
  • Trusts: Often used alongside wills, a trust can provide additional protection for your property and allows you to avoid the probate process. Trusts can also be used to provide support for loved ones with disabilities while protecting their eligibility for government benefits.
  • Powers of attorney: If a health condition leaves you unable to make important decisions, powers of attorney allow a person whom you trust to manage your finances, make decisions about your medical care and take other essential legal actions.

By exploring the variety of legal documents available to you, you can create an estate plan that reflects your wishes and offers guidance to your loved ones in a difficult time.

Explore Your Estate Planning Options Today

Estate planning can offer you peace of mind at any age. Contact The Kehl Law Firm, P.C., through our online contact form or by phone at 254-327-3771 to explore your options and protect your legacy.

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