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How to create a parenting plan that works for everyone

| Jul 20, 2021 | Family Law

In the current era of divorce, co-parenting is the new normal. This often means collaborating with your former spouse to create a parenting or custody plan that works for everyone and maximizes time spent as a family. Even if their parents are no longer together, it is important for your children to know that they are a priority for each of their parents.

Have your children involved in the planning

The number one priority for a parenting plan is to ensure that your children have access to both parents and can maintain a loving and connected relationship with each of you. While you are drafting your child custody plan, be sure to get your children’s feedback. No matter how old they are, you want to make sure that they feel included in the process.

Work out a flexible schedule

Another factor to consider when you draft your parenting plan is to make sure that it is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of times of the year. Many children have vacations during the holidays and an extended summer break. Accounting for these days ahead of time can ease the process of all involved.

Know that no matter what, you will need to revisit and revise the plan as your children get older. If at any time you find yourself unable to arrange a harmonious child custody agreement, reaching out to a lawyer may help you review your options and work toward a new plan.

Why establish a co-parenting plan?

Creating a parenting plan is often the first step in ensuring that you can spend much-needed time with your children. Moreover, when children know they have the love and support of both parents, it can ease the tension of divorce and create a much more relaxed atmosphere. If you have any problems along the way, you can reach out for professional legal advice for help.