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What Texas judges consider in child custody cases

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2021 | Family Law

Texas authorities generally prefer that parents share custody of their children after a divorce. This is because shared custody is often in a child’s best interest. However, there are many factors that a court will review when determining if you should be named as your son or daughter’s caregiver.

The factors that judges will typically use when crafting custody orders

As a general rule, a judge wants to see that there is an existing relationship between yourself and your child. You may be able to establish that such a relationship exists by keeping records of phone calls, visits or other attempts to interact with your child. A judge will also want to see that a parent has the emotional, physical and financial ability to raise a minor.

Emotional and physical fitness may be established with a note from a therapist or physician. You may be able to use payroll records, tax returns or bank statements to prove that you have enough money to provide for your child.

Taking a collaborative approach to parenting

It’s often easier to obtain custody of a child by agreeing to remain civil with his or her other parent. In fact, you might risk losing custody of your child by refusing to work with his or her other parent in a civil manner. Furthermore, you’re more likely to do what is best for the child when you treat your former spouse like a partner instead of an adversary.

It’s important to remember that kids look to their parents for guidance as it relates to dealing with adversity. Therefore, a collaborative approach to a child custody proceeding can teach the young person in your life how to solve problems in a healthy manner.

An attorney may be able to help you obtain a favorable outcome in your child custody case. This might be done by using medical records, financial statements and other documents to prove that you are capable of serving as a custodial parent.