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Tips for getting a divorce in the new year

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Uncategorized

A new year means a fresh start although most people are not thinking of divorce when they consider the new year in this way. However, decisions to divorce in the new year are not uncommon, and there are several points people in Texas should keep in mind if divorce is part of their plan.

Get ready

The decision to divorce is a big one, but even once you have made the decision, there is still a lot of groundwork ahead. One of the most important things to do at this time is to gather as much financial paperwork as you can on both individual and shared assets and debts. This includes tax returns, account statements and any information you have on investments.

Get help

You may need legal, financial and emotional help, and you may be able to find all three by asking friends and family for recommendations. When you choose an attorney, pick someone with whom you feel comfortable. A financial planner may be able to help you evaluate your financial choices and make the right decisions regarding property division. Finally, while family and friends can provide some support, you might want to consider talking to a therapist or counselor as well.

Be firm

You should also set deadlines for yourself and stay focused. It can help to put this in writing. This can keep you on track when things become difficult.

You may want to consult an attorney before discussing the divorce with your spouse to find out if there are additional steps you should take or information you should obtain first. Ending a marriage is not an easy process, but if you do some preparation ahead of time and have fixed the resolution in your mind, it may go more smoothly than you expect.