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How to stay close to your child after a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

Texas law generally allows you to pursue sole physical and legal custody of your child after a divorce. However, a judge will only approve that request if doing so is in the best interests of your son or daughter. Even if you’re granted sole custody of a child, the other parent may be granted visitation rights.

An overview of legal and physical custody

If you get legal custody of a minor, you’ll be able to make important decisions regarding how that child is raised. If you’re granted physical custody, this means your son or daughter will spend time living at your house. Legal or physical custody can be awarded to one parent or both parents equally. In some cases, a parent may have legal custody rights but not physical custody rights.

An overview of visitation orders

If you aren’t awarded custody of your child, you could still be granted virtual, supervised or unsupervised visitation rights. Virtual visitation typically involves the parent and child having a conversation or otherwise interacting with each other through a webcam.

Supervised visitation sessions take place under the watchful eye of an adult who may be appointed by the court. Unsupervised visitation generally takes place at your home or wherever your child wants to spend time with you. The custodial parent may be able to place limitations on where visitation takes place in some circumstances.

If you’re curious about your visitation or custody rights, it may be a good idea to speak with a family law attorney. This professional could explain more about the best interest of the child standard or other variables that might influence your ability to stay active in your son or daughter’s life.