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January 2015 Archives

Does Chapter 7 discharge all debts?

It can be hard to remain financially secure in Texas, even with a steady job. No matter how carefully you manage your finances, it only takes one unexpected turn of events to set you back significantly. Before you know it, the bills begin to pile up and you find yourself wondering how you will ever manage to clear it all. The stress and upset caused by mounting debt can be extremely bad for your health as well as putting a strain on relationships.

Filing for bankruptcy is not the end

As many families in Texas know, most people fall on hard times at some point in their lives. No matter how careful you are with your finances, one unexpected event can turn your life upside-down, leaving you in debt and wondering what to do next. As time goes on, the problem grows. Before you know it, you could have debt collectors knocking at your door.

Bankruptcy can help with credit card debt

One of the most difficult financial hurdles to overcome is massive credit card debt. When you are financially stable, you become accustomed to swiping your card and worrying about paying for your purchases later. But sudden job loss or unexpected medical bills can quickly make minimum payments impossible to meet. Suddenly, your credit card debt becomes a serious financial threat. Individuals who find themselves largely in credit card debt will likely not be allowed time to think about how to solve their problem because credit card companies tend to harass their debtors in an attempt to get their money.

Many assets are exempt from sale in Texas bankruptcy

If you are struggling with debt that you just cannot seem to pay off, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. Individuals who have no experience filing for bankruptcy are likely put off by the idea, believing that they will never live the bankruptcy down and that people will think of them as a failure. More than any of that, they may fear that filing for bankruptcy will cause them more problems than it solves as they lose many of their assets.

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