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July 2014 Archives

Bankruptcy could be the debt relief solution you need

Whether they’re saddled with exorbitant student loan debt or struggling to pay their bills in these tough economic times, many people are seeking some form of debt relief. Unfortunately, there are a number of people looking to prey on desperate or unsuspecting individuals who are just trying to get their feet under them financially. One such predator comes in the form of debt-settlement companies, which asks for indebted people to pay them so that they can offer the creditors a lump-sum that is lesser than the amount of debt owed.

Pregnancy and Maternity Leave Reminder

This is a reminder to our clients about Samantha's pregnancy and her maternity leave. We will only be accepting Chapter 13 cases through July 31st. We will begin accepting Chapter 13 cases again in November or December. We will continue to accept Chapter 7 cases on the payment plan. We are planing on only filing a limited number of Chapter 7 cases in September. We will resume filing Chapter 7 cases in November.

Minnesota Republican senator files for bankruptcy

Oftentimes you hear about small businesses or large corporations filing for bankruptcy to help them manage massive debt, but you should know that individuals can file for bankruptcy as well. Like corporations, an individual can have many reasons to file for personal bankruptcy. Sudden loss of job or unexpected medical bills can put a strain on an individual’s finances and cause the pressure to become almost unbearable. Individuals who find themselves in such situations can consider bankruptcy for relief from their debt.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can give you a fresh financial start

Bankruptcy has a reputation for being tantamount to financial ruin, and while filing for bankruptcy may not be most people’s first choice, it’s preferable to struggling with debt for years and years. Some people may not know that they’re eligible for bankruptcy, but there are different types of bankruptcy for different situations and circumstances. If you have debt, there’s almost certainly an option for you. One of the most common types of bankruptcy is Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which can be used by small businesses or individuals who are struggling to pay off their debt.

Texans have an above average credit card debt

When it comes to credit card debt, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that, while the average American credit card debt is more than $3,600 that number is down from last year, and it continues to fall lower. The bad news is that some states have a higher than average credit card debt, and Texas is one of those states. In fact, Texas has the 10th highest credit card debt of any state in the country at a per person average of $4,047.

Bankruptcy can help counter family related financial problems

Texans are known for their love of, and loyalty to family. If you are fortunate, your young loved ones will grow up to be healthy, happy human beings who are able to fend for themselves as they advance into adulthood. Unfortunately, as some children grow, they have difficulty adapting to the real world and may act out or even engage in criminal activities. This difficult situation can be compounded all the more if the child has a substance abuse issue.

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