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May 2014 Archives

Ex-CEO faces consequences of errors in bankruptcy filing

Bankruptcy is a great way to get debt relief in the wake of crushing debt. Unforeseen financial circumstances such as loss of job or inability to gain wages due to injury can turn your finances upside down and send your monetary control spinning out. In the wake of such difficult times, a personal bankruptcy filing can help you manage your debt and get a fresh financial start. While a bankruptcy filing is an effective tool for debt relief, it must be taken very seriously and is not to be taken advantage of.

Student loan debt is growing with no direct debt relief

There are many people in Waco and across the country that could benefit from debt relief. From unexpected medical bills to sudden loss of employment, there are plenty of reasons that someone could be facing mounting debt. But there is one group of people who are stuck with debt almost before they have a chance. From the moment they first take out a loan, they begin a vicious cycle that could leave them in debt for decades to come.

Pharmaceutical company files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a debt relief option which the law affords to people, but many in Waco may not know that there are different types of bankruptcy, each offering different protections or plans to handle serious debt. By far the most common type of bankruptcy is a Chapter 7 filing. It is available to almost everybody, including people who are current on their debt or have a substantial income. Still, most Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings are from individuals or small businesses who have accrued a substantial amount of debt that they are unable to pay.

Woman’s house sold because of $6.30 bill for delinquent payment

As jobs are still scarce and costs still rising, those of us who reside in Waco are well aware, $6.30 doesn’t buy much these days. You could almost get a month’s subscription to Netflix, possibly a combo meal at a fast food restaurant, or maybe even a frozen yogurt.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can give you a handle on debt

The United States economy appears to be on the road to recovery, but it will likely be a long road, particularly for individuals with outstanding debt. Any number of factors can cause overwhelming debt, from unexpected employment loss to unforeseen medical issues. Unfortunately, some people in Waco may not file for bankruptcy to help them relieve their debt because they do not realize that they qualify. What you might not know is that there are different types of bankruptcy filings possible for your specific circumstances.

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