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October 2012 Archives

Veteran Loses His Car over a $2,500.00 Title Loan

James Miller is a Kansas City man who tried to help out a family member who are struggling with medical bills. Since he didn't have the money to loan his family member, he took out a $2,500.00 loan using his paid for car as collateral. The payments were more than $1,000.00 a month and the interest rate was 276%. Mr. Miller has stage 4 cancer and struggled to stay on top of the payments, but he fell behind and his car was repossessed. According to Miller, "It just snowballed.... You get caught in a bind." Unfortunately title loans can be just as bad as payday loans with extremely high interest rates and impossible repayment plans. Are you struggling to pay your bills? Call 254-633-2876 today or email me at info@thekehllawfirm.com to explore your options with experienced staff. Let my family help your Photo Credit: Miala

Chase and Loan Modifications: Prepare to be Surprised

It isn't every day that I get post positive comments about mortgage companies and home loan modifications, so it is a pleasant surprise to find a mortgage company who appears to be changing its ways. Recently I posted about how the big 5 banks who were the target of the AG settlement are faring. Sadly reports are that as of June 30, 2012, Bank of America had not finalized any loan modifications although I have seen several clients obtain trial period modifications in the last few months that are still waiting for the modifications to become permanent. Well, I hope you are sitting for the next bit of news: Chase is modifying home loans! As a part of the AG settlement, Chase had pledge $4.2 billion in mortgage relief for tens of thousands of borrowers by either reducing the interest rate or reducing the principal or both on their home loans. Chase has risen to the challenge by identifying thousands of borrowers who appear to qualify and mailed them letters asking them to call the bank about modifying their home loans. Unfortunately, the borrowers may not believe Chase after so much time and effort trying to modify because the response to these letters is only about half. As I have stated before, the AG settlement may not be the best thing out there, but it is the best solution we currently have. We all need to work together to help people save their homes and Chase appears to be trying to start over. Check your mailboxes. Are you behind on your mortgage payments? Call 254-633-2876 or email us at info@thekehllawfirm.com today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation before it is too late. Let my family help yours.

Santa Fe Judge Orders High Interest Lender to Pay Restitution to Borrowers

Score another one for the little guy. Payday loans prey on people during weak and vulnerable times charging exuberant interest rates. In my Waco bankruptcy firm, I see people every week struggling to get out from under payday loans that quite frankly they have already paid back and more. If you think it couldn't happen to you, just think about this alarming fact: almost half of Americans live paycheck to paycheck with little to no savings. If you have an emergency and family and friends can't help you, what do you do? District Judge Michael Vigil is holding FastBucks Holding Corp. responsible by enjoining them from offering certain high-interest installment loans that he believes were used to circumvent 2007 New Mexico regulations passed regarding payday loans designed to protect borrowers. Furthermore, he ordered restitution in the form of making FastBucks pay back the difference between the original loan amount and the amount actually paid back by borrowers minus any deficiencies incurred on individual loans. Virgil wrote, "[The Defendants] took advantage of borrowers' lack of knowledge, ability, experience or capacity to a grossly unfair degree by deliberately steering borrowers into loans that subjected them to higher interest rates that kept them locked into recurring cycles of debt." FastBucks attorney states that the company plans to appeal the decision. Are you struggling with debt? Explore your options with experienced staff. Call 254-633-2876 or email us at info@thekehllawfirm.com today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation. Let my family help yours!

Credit / Debt Settlement update

My name is Stephen Kehl. I am Samantha’s paralegal, her computer guy, office manager, her husband and whatever she has for me at the moment. She keeps me very busy. She asked me to update to a guest post I did several months ago on Credit Settlement / Debt Settlement.In my last post, I went over the most common problems we see:
  1. The company is a scam
  2. It will get you sued.
  3. It will get you IRS tax penalties.
Since then we have seen:
  1. A settlement company was making payments on debts from 1983. The debts were far beyond the statute of limitations. Nothing was done to dispute these invalid debts on the credit report before making payments. Making payments on the reset the last payment date which made them collectible debts in a chapter 13 bankruptcy.  
  2. Debts settled were listed as “settled for lessor amount” on the credit report and the amount “charged off” amount was also listed. This did nothing to help clean up the credit report.
  3. An out of state, non-attorney settlement company advised their client to ignore lawsuits.
These have been my observations in the 2 ½ years that I have been Samantha’s paralegal and talking with hundreds of people that have come in for help. I must legally remind every one that I am just a paralegal and do not have a license to practice law. Samantha supervises my work, including this post.If you are drowning in debt, please call the Kehl Law Firm, PC at 254-633-2876 to make a free, no-obligation consultation to learn what your options are. Let my family help yours.
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