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October 2011 Archives

How to Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney in Waco, Texas

If you are considering filing bankruptcy, one of the most important decisions you will make is which attorney to represent you in your bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a confusing process and you need someone on your side making sure you get the best result possible. Therefore, you should give careful consideration to which bankruptcy attorney you hire. Here are a few tips.
  • Hire an attorney who you can communicate with and is easy to approach. You will have questions during the bankruptcy process. You don't want an attorney who is inaccessible or unable to just talk to you and explain things in terms you understand. If your bankruptcy attorney doesn't take your phone calls, how can you remain informed?
  • Choose an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy cases. Bankruptcy law is a unique area of the law and you don't want an attorney who dabbles in it when the economy is slow as a way to pick up business.
  • Retain a bankruptcy attorney who has rates you can afford or a payment plan you can live with. Bankruptcy can be expensive if you hire an attorney who has unreasonable fees.
  • Ask around for recommendations. By choosing an attorney who is recommended by others, you will feel more confident as you begin the bankruptcy process.
  • Use a lawyer that comes out to meet you and has experienced staff working for them. Your bankruptcy attorney is the one who will be in court with you. You want to meet them up front. If the attorney is too busy to meet you, will they be there for you later?
At The Kehl Law Firm, P.C. we realize that filing bankruptcy is difficult and we respect the trust our clients put in us when they hire us. Are you ready for your fresh start? Call 254-633-2876 or email at info@thekehllawfirm.com today for a FREE, no obligation consultation.

Where can I get a free copy of my credit report?

As a Waco bankruptcy attorney, I see people all the time who are concerned about their credit report. They don't know what is on their creditor report or how to obtain a copy of it. You have to be careful when trying to obtain a copy of your credit report online. Like everything else on the internet, there are websites looking for your personal information for identify theft and other reasons that are harmful for you.Fortunately, there are ways to obtain your credit report through channels set up by the Federal Trade Commission. Feel free and safe when you click on www.ftc.gov (which provides a link to the official site) or www.annualcreditreport.com to order your free credit report. To order by phone call 877-322-8228 or by mail print out the form available on anualcreditreport.com and mail to Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281.It is important to monitor your credit report and dispute any irregularities. However, sometimes you can dispute an incorrect item and it reappears at a later date....sometimes years later. Therefore, it is a good idea to obtain a credit report every few months to monitor it. However, if there are some things on your creditor report that you would like to help clean up or keep reappearing again and again, you might want to consider bankruptcy.At The Kehl Law Firm, P.C., we help you clean up your credit report by obtaining a copy of your credit report from all three credit bureaus and containing the credit bureaus after your bankruptcy is over to ensure that your credit report is cleaned up. Some real estate agents recommend filing bankruptcy for this very reason so the person can buy a home a few years after the bankruptcy is over.Still concerned? Call 254-633-2876 or email us at info@thekehllawfirm.com today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to explore your options.Let my family help yours.

If I file bankruptcy, can my employer fire me?

In today's economy, central Texas jobs are hard to come by and unemployment rates are up. Everyone wants to keep the job they have. As a bankruptcy attorney, I frequently get asked the following question: “If I file bankruptcy, can my employer fire me?”No, your current employer is not allowed to fire you based solely on the fact that you filed bankruptcy. Depending on the type of bankruptcy you file, your employer may never even know about the bankruptcy. Your job is protected under Section 525 of Bankruptcy Code which is federal law. This provision of the bankruptcy code prohibits private employers (i.e., not the government) from discriminating against their current employees based solely on the fact that their employee filed for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy law goes on to state that a public employer (i.e., the government) is not permitted to discriminate against individuals who have filed for bankruptcy who are current or potential employees. This means that your current job is safe from discrimination based solely on the fact that you filed bankruptcy.Are you ready to take the next step and make a FREE, no-obligation consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney? Call today at 254-633-2876 or email me at info@thekehllawfirm.com. Let my family help yours.

The Simpsons Did It (Part 1) UPDATE

It seems that Fox Television and the actors have reached a deal to keep the series on for a 24th and 25th season. See the full article here. As a Waco Bankruptcy Attorney it does not look like the cast will end up in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Fox wanted the cast to take a 45% reduction in their $8 million. The cast offered to take a 30% cut as long as they got a share of the billions of dollars of worldwide licensing, syndication and merchandising. It is possible the cast could come out ahead.Just what the actual settlement was, no one knows. No one is giving out the details. I have to wonder how much of this drama was just a stunt for free publicity. It made it at least twice into every major paper in the country. It was covered by all the TV news channels. It even made it into this Waco bankruptcy attorney's blog twice. I guess it goes to show you P.T. Barnum had it right when he said “There is not such thing as bad publicity”.When you are ready to take the first step to your new life, call 254-633-2876 or email info@thekehllawfirm.com today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation to see what an experienced Waco Bankruptcy Attorney can do for you!

Advantages of Hiring The Kehl Law Firm, P.C.

  • We are a family business and we treat our clients as family.
  • We are flexible in our hours. We are open in the evenings and on Saturdays by appointment.
  • We listen and understand.
  • If we feel bankruptcy is not the best option for you, we will let you know what we feel is.
  • We want you to succeed and will try to match you with the option that fits your situation best.
  • We keep in contact with you on a regular basis.
  • We offer payment plans for any budget.
  • We quote a package price with upfront pricing.
  • Clients can earn extra discounts.
  • We are experienced both with bankruptcies and home loan modifications (HAMP) as well as other related types of law.
  • We offer unique options for you to help you achieve your goals.
  • We offer suggestions and advise on how to improve your credit score and life after the bankruptcy is over.  We use Dave Ramsey's Debtor Education as one of the required bankruptcy courses.
  • We are conveniently located near the intersection of Valley Mills and Waco Drive.
  • We respond to your questions and comments in a timely manner.
  • We have helped hundreds of people find a better life after bankruptcy.
  • We do not want repeat clients.  We want you to succeed and refer people needing help to us.
  • Former clients refer to us.
Take the first step today towards a debt free life and call 254-633-2876 or email us at info@thekehllawfirm.com today for a free, no-obligation consultation to find your fresh start.

New Court Fee Schedule effective November 1, 2011

It seems today that everything costs more from gasoline to groceries. As of November 1, 2011, you can add bankruptcy to list of items that are costing you more. The Judicial Conference of the United States has increased various fees that become effective November 1, 2011. Included in the increase is the filing fee for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy which will increase from $299.00 to $306.00 and the filing fee for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy which will increase from $274.00 to $281.00. It may only be $7.00 more in court costs to file bankruptcy, but when you are struggling $7.00 can feel more like $100.00.The Judicial Conference states the increase is due to the need for increased revenue to balance their budget. There is a lesson to be learned for all of us. Long ago I heard that when you are hard pressed for cash, you have to do one of two things: 1) Spend less or 2) Earn more. As a Waco bankruptcy attorney, I see more people trying Option #1 by cutting their expenses to balance their budget. However, getting a second job or selling items on e-bay are ways to increase your income under Option #2. The Judicial Conference selected Option #2. Do you have the ability to get a second job or do you have something to sell?If you have tried both options and you still have more month at the end of your money, call today at 254-633-2876 or email me at info@thekehllawfirm.com for a FREE no-obligation consultation. Maybe you might find an Option #3?

Bankruptcy Do's and Don'ts

Do's Before Filing Bankruptcy1) Breathe. Filing bankruptcy is scary for most people and the process can feel intimidating. You have heard horror stories about what bankruptcy is like and you feel out of control. We know. Just remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Millions of people have filed bankruptcy and many are living the American Dream now.   Think about all the things you will be able to do once you are no longer scared to answer the phone, no longer throwing money at the credit card pit, think about the freedom you will find after the bankruptcy is over.2) Be honest with your bankruptcy attorney. They work for you. I tell clients to just tell me the truth and I will deal with what the legal consequences are. That is why you hired an experienced Waco bankruptcy attorney.3) If in doubt, disclose whatever it is to your attorney. I have couples in my office all the time where one person will look at their spouse and say “Do you think we should tell her about …?” Whatever it is, trust me I want to know.4) Ask your bankruptcy attorney questions. If your bankruptcy attorney doesn't have time to answer your questions, then they are not working for you. Filing bankruptcy is overwhelming and difficult to understand for the average person who doesn't deal with bankruptcies everyday. Bankruptcy has its own language and rules that no one except an experienced bankruptcy attorney can understand. When the bankruptcy law changed dramatically in 2005, many good attorneys quit practicing bankruptcy rather than learn the new laws. I spend time with my staff to make sure that we are available for our clients when they have questions. Either I or one of my experienced staff will get back to you if you have a question. That is my promise to you.5) Provide your Waco bankruptcy attorney the documents she requests and fill out the bankruptcy attorney's paperwork completely and accurately. If you have problems, contact your bankruptcy attorney's office and ask questions.If you need help with overwhelming debt, please call today at 254-633-2876 or email me at info@TheKehlLawfirm.com for a FREE, no-obligation consultation with an experienced Waco bankruptcy attorney.Don'ts Before Filing BankruptcyBankruptcy is a great way to obtain a fresh start for the honest debtor. Below are some items that should be avoided if possible. If you are unable to avoid one of the items below, please discuss what you are doing with your experienced bankruptcy attorney first.1) Incurring additional credit card debt or borrowing more money. 2) Loaning or giving money to friends or family. 3) Giving or selling property to others without talking to your Waco bankruptcy attorney first. 4) Paying money to family or friends. 5) Transferring title on automobiles 6) Leaving assets off of the paperwork you received from your bankruptcy attorney. 7) Leaving creditors off of the paperwork you received from your bankruptcy attorney because you want to “save” a credit card. 8) Bank where you owe money. If you bank where you owe money, the bank may freeze your bank account and your bankruptcy attorney will not be able to get the money back.Don't hesitate to contact us at 254-633-2876 or email me at info@TheKehlLawfirm.com to learn more about what to do while preparing to file bankruptcy.

About To Lose Your Home?

I am a Waco attorney who has helped numerous people save their homes from foreclosure by modifying their home loans. I use federal law to your advantage.   I know that this is an extremely stressful and emotional time for you. I know that you are receiving advice from everyone and you don't know which way to turn. You may have heard that Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is the only option. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy has helped many individuals save their homes and is an option that I can help you with if it is the best option for you. But it might not be the best option.But I don't just assume that a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is the only way to save your home. I look at other options in addition to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I have helped people modify their home loans under the Making Homes Affordable (HAMP) program as a part of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I have helped other people find new financing options. Still others have chosen to walk away from their homes without fear about deficiencies or tax consequences. I might be able to look at other options for you other than a Chapter 13 bankruptcy which lasts 3 to 5 years of your life. I have spoken to bankruptcy attorney bars across Texas about modifying home loans. Please call me for a FREE, no obligation consultation before it is too late. Once your home has been foreclosed on, I cannot save it. Please call today. Call 254-633-2876. It can't hurt to explore your options.At my firm, we are a family. My husband works with me and we treat you as an individual, not a number. We listen to your problems and work with you and for you to find solutions to your problems. If you need help with overwhelming debt, please call today at 254-633-2876 or email me at info@TheKehlLawfirm.com for a FREE, no-obligation consultation with an experienced Waco bankruptcy attorney.

Job Loss and Budgeting

According to a Marist Poll, 77% of New York State registered voters say they personally know someone who has lost their job in the last 6 months. See the full article here. Well, we may be in Central Texas, but, as a Waco bankruptcy attorney, I have people in my office frequently due to job loss. Since most households live paycheck to paycheck, job loss is a very real fear. If it happens, you may not know where to turn.It is extremely important to budget your money and prioritize your bills when there is not enough money to pay everyone. You have to pick who gets paid and who doesn't. Unfortunately, many people will pay the credit cards and payday loans first because the credit card and payday loan companies will call and harass them upon a missed payment. However, in Central Texas, a credit card and payday loan company cannot take your home or car. However, the home mortgage company and car finance company can take the house and car away. Make a list of your bills and how much the monthly payments are. For example:
CreditorAmount Due
Car 1$300.00
Car 2$345.00
Cell phone$200.00
Cable and internet$100.00
You pay your bills going down the line. When you run out of money, the creditors below the line won't get paid that month. It is sad, but unfortunately, that is reality. You have to put the most important creditors at top, NOT the loudest.If you are continuing to have trouble every month, please call today at 254-633-2876 or email me at info@TheKehlLawfirm.com for a FREE, no-obligation consultation with an experienced Waco bankruptcy attorney.

The Simpsons Did It Part 1

Even Homer and Marge Simpson are feeling the economic heat. The International Business Times states that The Simpsons, the longest running prime time comedy show on TV, may end after the current season. See the full article here. The reason for the show ending—“The show's producer said Tuesday that 'The Simpsons' can't continue under its current financial model.”As a Waco bankruptcy attorney, I must say that I am not surprised. My clients tell me the same thing every day. For the show to continue, the actors must agree to a pay cut of 45% from 8 Million a year to 4 Million. I know, 8 Million or 4 Million, you would take it.But there is an important lesson for Central Texas residents in this article. We all need to cut our expenses and live within our means. If you don't live within your means, you won't survive. However, it is hard to live within your means when you have lost your income or taken a pay cut. So many people come into my Waco bankruptcy office and tell me that they are there because their income is down but their expenses have remained high. That is where the bankruptcy laws can help you. Bankruptcy law allows you to get rid of your credit cards, medical bills, and payday loans without owing any more money to those creditors. Bankruptcy law allows you to get a fresh start in Central Texas and try to live under your new budget even though your income is down. Bankruptcy law is about a fresh start. You deserve it. Find a new financial model today.When you are ready to take the first step to your new life, call 254-633-2876 or email info@thekehllawfirm.com today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation to see what an experienced Waco Bankruptcy Attorney can do for you!Let my family help yours.

Why I Formed The Kehl Law Firm, P.C.

Today is a perfect example of what I wanted to accomplish with forming The Kehl Law Firm, P.C in Waco, Texas. My dog is sitting at my feet sleeping while I am working. My husband just stuck his head in to say he sent the fax. Life is good.That is what The Kehl Law Firm, P.C. is about. My family helping your family. People who have financial difficulties are at the end of their rope. Their marriage is in trouble. They fear the phone ringing. They are embarrassed that someone might find out the secret they are trying to hide about the money problems, the credit cards, the payday loans, the medical bills. The bottom line is that they are human beings. Everyone of them has a journey that has lead them to needing help with their finances. And what I have learned in the last 3 and a half years, I could be one of them easily. So could you.Maybe they are considering bankruptcy because they retired and can no longer make ends meet. Maybe they are a single parent struggling to make ends meet. Maybe he lost his job. Maybe she has medical bills. The maybes are endless and could happen to anyone.No one plans financial problems. No one plans to consider filing bankruptcy. But it happens. Sometimes bankruptcy is the only way to get your life back. We understand. We listen. This Waco bankruptcy firm is about my family helping yours. You need help. You need to see a light at the end of the tunnel. So, call today and meet me, my husband, and my dog and maybe our fathers, siblings, and nephews helping us. We are a family and we are here to help you.Call 254-633-2876 or email info@thekehllawfirm.com today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation to see what an experienced Waco Bankruptcy Attorney (and her family) can do for you!
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